Monday, 21 December 2009

tfaw #50! ratmnumberone!

well, we've added a typeface in honour of the news that Rage Against the Machine knocked the x factor guff for 6 - beating it to number one in the UK charts. Hell Yeah.

Thursday, 17 December 2009

new typeface up on TFAW

number #49.... of 52! - wow! nearly there! Inspired by going to Newcastle on the dreadded A1. long drive..tired people.... go get it!

Thursday, 10 December 2009

TFAW featured on the Kiosque website

The fantastic website "the Kiosque" has featured our last typeface about union terrace gardens and ACSEF's plans to concrete over them (but not concrete over them, according to their publicity).

We thank the Kiosque for the support and help, and for being an upstanding organ (!) in the Aberdeen City & Shire's cultural front.

To see the article, please visit :

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Peacock class this weekend

Gabi and Phil will be running a workshop this weekend for Peacock Visual Arts for 12-16 year olds.
They will be exploring portraits without faces... utilising drawing, photography, digital and printing methods. The work will be featured in the OMG exhibition still on at Peacock's, running until 23rd December

See the making of OMG on flickr!

typeface #48 - citySquare

Philip has produced a font in reaction to the events unfolding in union terrace gardens, Aberdeen...  Worrying times for artists and creatives in Aberdeen, interested in contemporary art... do we need another car park and to destroy the only green space left in the centre of Aberdeen?...

read all about it at :

Sunday, 29 November 2009

gabi & Phil showing at the BV / NEOS exhibition.

Gabi and Phil will be showing some work to help raise funds for NEOS 2010 (an early start to get some extra cash to make this year bigger and better!)

The opening night is on Thursday (3rd December) at Bridge View, on Market Street (near the Tory Bridge). 6pm - 8pm. Always a fantastic opening at Bridge View!

for more info, please download the invite here

Gabi showing at teacosy too

Gabi will be showcasing more Small Stories work at Tea Cosy Too on December 5th & 6th

The highly successful venture "tea cosy" at Aberdeen royal infirmary by Aberdeen based SMart consultants is getting a second life! It will be held in the old Pier building (Belmont street) and will feature a fantastic array of local makers & artists. for more information, please visit

or download the PDF poster from here

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

OMG - creative Identities with PVA exhibition

screenprinting at peacock visual arts
Gabi and Phil have been working with Peacock Visual Arts & Creative Identities to make new work with the pupils of Craigielea school, Aberdeen.

They will be showcasing work that has been created over the last few months - getting the pupils to look at expressing themselves in "portraiture" without using "the face"... they are producing a collective, sculptural work from the output of the classes...should be interesting!

Also showing are Jo Gannon, Alicia Bruce, Iain Gildea...

for more info, please visit

Gabi and Phil are also running a printing workshop for 10-15 year olds

Sat 12 Dec, 10am-2.30pm

Sunday, 1 November 2009

Two new typefaces from TFAW

We've been lax over the last few weeks... I think lots of things have caught up with us... but, we're nearly back on track with getting a "typeface a week" up on the blog...

Needless to say, we've got this week & last week's typefaces up for download.

Check out "Flood" and "Up" - based on the horrid state of affairs, weatherwise up in Aberdeen and the Pixar movie "up" - we took poppy to see it (first time ever to the cinema!) and she loved it.

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Back From Holiday....

Both Gabi and I have been in Skye for a well earned holiday, and we've much to catch up on (especially the typeface a week project - 3 weeks without update! bad bad bad).

Needless to say, we're getting back into the swing of things... watch this space.

PS - we're putting work into the winter Junction Art show - so we'll post more soon...

Wednesday, 30 September 2009

doves typeface for Jen Beattie (R.I.P)

It's been a sad week, after the wonderful NEOS event, we heard that artist, Jen Beattie, sadly passed away. We were invited by her very close friends (Susie Hunt and Lindsay Stewart) to paint Jen's coffin.

We arrived at Jen's on Sunday morning to see lots of Jen's friends and fellow artists painting the cardboard coffin in the studio, a rather sobering sight. A mixture of sadness, collective spirit and joy - we all worked together to create an amazing work of art for Jen.

Monday, 21 September 2009

Collaboration with Belinda Rose

Gabi and I visited Belinda Rose during NEOS2009 and she was asking artists (and the public) to contribute a drawing to her computerised tapestry... we've been sent the photos of "oor bits" - it's been a brilliant project - we've heard from many participants how excited they felt (we know we did too!)... if you want to see more of Belinda's work - check out her website.

NEOS has now ended for 2009

Well! thanks to everyone who came out to see Gabi and I during NEOS, it was an amazing week... we had over 1200 visitors over 10 days! A massive thanks to Anne & Sarah Thomas, Lynne Strachan, Magnhild Hague, Ane Smith, Elaine MacPherson, Alan Florence, Chris Forsey, Winifred Fergus, Jim Livingston and especially Susie Hunt for the wonderful hospitality and willingness to let us show at Mill farm.

We had a brilliant week with some amazing conversations - we're always astounded how many interesting people come out and really care about our creative community in the North East of Scotland.

Our thoughts go out to Jen Beatie who sadly could not be with us during NEOS due to illness...

Friday, 11 September 2009

NEOS starts today! (12/9/09)

Phil Thompson - SlateworksGabrielle Reith - Banff Building Wrap

We just wanted to invite you along to Susie Hunt's "Mill Farm", where we (Gabi and Phil) will be sharing with 10 other artists & makers for this Years NEOS event.

Gabi will be showcasing a lot of new drawings and illustrations, with a chance to snap up lots of new card designs and the cool Avian Alphabet tea towels.

Phil will be displaying some of his slate drawings as well as some of the computer based work he's been producing. (websites & experimental code).

Not only art but refreshments and banter to boot! for more info, please visit :

Friday, 4 September 2009

Small Stories in California...

Liza Lee Millar, bird blogger extraordinaire has been tweeting and blogging a few of Gabi's Small Stories news now and again... and as a thank you, we'd sent her a small "thank you" package of some cards and a tea towel...

she was over the moon to get the package the other day, which she immediately blogged, so if you want to see the lovely story, check out leave a comment's always nice to share.

Sunday, 30 August 2009

I <3 UTG exhibition

The first in a series of I ♥ UTG campaign awareness events;

An exhibition of local artists coming together to help raise awareness for the problems facing Union Terrace Gardens & Aberdeen’s new Arts Centre.

All works based upon the theme “heart” and will be on sale for £20 per artwork to raise funds for the I ♥ UTG campaign.

Gilla Brooker
Alicia Bruce
Libby Day
Fraser Denholm
Jim Ewen
Jo Gannon
Katie Guthrie
Eva Merz
William Moulding
Gabrielle Reith
Stuart Simpson
Anita Stewart
Philip Thompson
Sarah J Tingle

and more to be confirmed……..

So come spend the evening with Project Slogan & I ♥ UTG and help us create a better, greener and brighter future for out city.

typeface a week #34

Chris Macfarlane, a Glasgow based artist has joined in with the Typeface a week (#TFAW) project with his "Black Tie" font - made from plastic ties...excellent! - experimental and inventive, the very spirit of what we're looking for in the project!

We're also applying to the RSA for some financial support to get a residency in Peacock Visual Arts so we can really pull out the stops and create a wonderful "end product" - the limited edition Disc & artwork... exciting!

Monday, 24 August 2009

Tea Cosy photos

I had a fantastic time at the SMart consultants / Grampian Hospitals Art Trust "Tea Cosy" - contemporary art and craft fair this weekend.
I showcased 8 new card designs, my new tea towels (separate posts coming soon!) and lots of new Small Stories jewellery.
Thanks to everyone that came, it was a brilliant turn out, and I've met a lot of new people interested in my work, fantastic.



Sunday, 23 August 2009

Mark Goss - Curious Fiend typeface

Curious Fiend was featured in the Creative Review Blog back in June - and we decided to write to Mark...and he's gladly joined in! He's sent several new typefaces for us to use over the year, so we thank him for everything!

Check his his blog out for more of his work, and inspiration he finds in London.

Thanks Mark!

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Tea Cosy craft fair 21st August.

Gabrielle will be showing a new collection of her Small Stories work at Teacosy art and craft fair on Friday the 21st of August from 5-8pm and Saturday the 22nd of August from 10-4.30.
Teacosy is at the Ross Crombie Hall, The Courtyard, Ashgrove House (next to ARI), Foresterhill Road, Aberdeen.

Click here for the invite!

Friday, 31 July 2009

Gabi & Phil showing at BP with Smart Consultants

Gabrielle & Philip have been accepted as 2 of 15 local artists to showcase work at BP for a NEOS showcase exhibition, curated by based at the

The exhibition will be a private BP viewing, but we aim to have photos / images to share...opens Mid September 2009.

Networking nights with Creative Cultures...

Phil will be working with the Aberdeen Film Festival to brin a Film orientated networking night at Bar Five (Aberdeen, Union Street) 6-8pm. For more information , please visit :

He is also working with the Cultural Enterprise Office to bring a NEOS networking night Mill farm, Kemnay on Tuesday 4th August (6-8pm). for more information please visit:

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Phil - Animation Classes

Phil is running a week of animation classes for kids at the Aberdeen Arts Centre for their Summer Arts Festival... The classes have been booked up for a month now, but there will be more opportunities to participate in arts activities at the arts centre. Visit for more information.

Collage Classes

gabi is running a collage class at the Gordon Highlanders through Whitespace (Aberdeen City Arts Development). The classes were booked up ages ago - but we thought we'd better let people know!... Whitespace will be running future classes (in many mediums) so please check out if you want to explore the possible classes in the future...

Monday, 6 July 2009

new TFAW typeface up - 'blether' [#26]

based on speech bubbles and birds chattering...."Blether" is the 26th typeface to be uploaded to tthe typefaceaweek project Phil and I are running for 2009... go get it! (only available for one week!)

Sunday, 28 June 2009

Private Tutoring

Gabi and Phil are going to Ellon to run a private art class today... we're going to post photos if we are allowed to take them! It's our first private class organised, so wish us luck!

yours, Gabi and Phil.

atatat typefaceaweek by Gabi

Gabi has a new typeface up over on

Based on a missing @ sign...she was inspired to create a whole typeface based on the lovely little character...he's back now - thank goodness.

Monday, 15 June 2009

new typeface a week typeface up "maple" by Phil

...The typeface is a mash up of metrostyle & times...if I remember correctly! It's a bit clunky, a bit unfinished and a bit prickly...yes, just like the band....

Monday, 8 June 2009

Gabi in Leopard magazine

gabi was recently commissioned to produce a full page illustration for the Leopard magazine's production of this year's Toulmin prize winner (A Doric short story competition) - congratulations to Eleanor Fordyce and her story : "Sae Mony Summers"

And here is gabi's drawing from the Zine!

Sunday, 7 June 2009

Typefaceaweek #22 up - perspex

Claypots again!... the builders are getting on great guns, the chippies are working so fast, it looks like they might set fire to the wood they use....

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Bird Tattoo - Dave Officer

Aberdeen Photographer Dave Officer loved Gabi's work so much - that he got a Tattoo of her song thrush on his forearm! It's ana amazing statement to make, getting a tattoo, and Gabi is particularly proud that Dave chose her design for his permanent statement... 

Thanks to Dave for sending photos "hot off the needle"...

Creative Identities classes complete!

Gabi and Phil have completed their classes with Craigielea school... we've had a fantastic time working with the pupils and teachers - and we would like to extend out thanks to them as well as the Peacock Visual Arts - Creative Identities team. It has been a wonderful opportunity for us to not only showcase our typeface a week project - but to proves that we can facilitate and run classes as professional artists.

We've been asked to come back to Craigielea in the next semester, and we've also been asked to work further with the Creative Identities project - so things are looking fantastic creatively for us. Particular thanks to Adam Proctor and Nicole Plumb for having the belief and trust in our work.

Monday, 1 June 2009

Platform 22 - summer fair

Gabi and Phil will be showing at platform 22's summer fair - showcasing several local practitioners and trades. From art to gardening, food and music - Platform 22's summer show should have something for everyone.

Gabi and Phil will be showing some new and old work - and there to chat.

Hope you can come along!

Thursday, 28 May 2009

gabi COAST building wrap on eventScotland

Nice wee article we've just found talking about Gabi's competition winner for the COAST festival building wrap.

Friday, 22 May 2009

Gabi - COAST building wrap unveiled.

Images of the Building Wrap for the COAST festival (22 - 25th May 2009) can be seen on the fantastic Scottish Independent Media website!

See you up there!
Gabi & Phil

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Phil to make the POOT site

Phil has been asked to help POOT (Portrait of our time) - a community based website that will hopefully collate & curate the goings on of the rather disparate community of Finzean, Strachan, Balogie & Birse and Feughside...It will be a great opportunity to implement the lessons of developing RSS / CSS driven websites... It's a great opportunity to help a community that uses computers to communicate - to communicate effectively and "cleverly" meaning that individuals can actually contribute to a website without having to worry about programming HTML or uploading new pages via FTP!...basically, give a lot of pre-set blogs to some authors and mash up the feeds from RSS into "the portal" - presto - a live, evolving, current and relevant website! - watch this space.

Monday, 18 May 2009

Typeface Classes with Craigielea School

We've been working with Peacock visual arts for the "Creative Identities" project, where we've been working with some pupils from Craigielea school, Aberdeen creating handmade typefaces from a range of materials.

We are working for four sessions utilising Found objects, Ink & Paint and Animation with several finished outcomes planned for the creation of the type.

We'll be posting some of the outcomes here, and also featuring a suit of typefaces in the typefaceaweek blog.

We'd like to thank Peacock Visual Arts for this opportunity, and look forward to running more workshops with them!

Sunday, 17 May 2009

New TFAW font by Jo Gannon

Jo Gannon has submitted our first ever "guest" font to the Typeface a week project!...thanks Jo!
Gabi & Phil.

Sunday, 10 May 2009

AAS picture sold

Gabi has found out that her pen & ink drawing of a Blackbird has sold at the Aberdeen Artists Society exhibition 2009! ...the show runs until 30th May.

tfaw #18 up - pebbles

Pebbles is the new typeface (by Gabi) for the typefaceaweek project...

Monday, 4 May 2009

Aberdeen Artists Society

Both Phil and I got work in the Aberdeen Artists Society show for 2009. The 2009 Exhibition will run in Aberdeen Art Gallery from Saturday 2nd - Saturday 30th May. Free entry.

typeface a week #17 up

Based on the Ikea home planner ace wee free application to help you fill your home with Ikea things... ho ho

Friday, 1 May 2009

Small Stories cards...

Gabi's Small Stories cards have sold out in Glasgow! Boxwood in glasgow have sold their entire stock and have asked for more to be sent down!

Gabi has also been taken in by the fantastic Red Door gallery in Edinburgh - Cards are on sale there and we hope to be stocking the Small Stories Jewellery range soon too! (their buyer is on maternity leave!)

Monday, 13 April 2009

Egret Nest Blog use "Feathers" font by Gabi.

We're so happy! Someone has downloaded Gabi's latest typeface from and used it on their website. It seems like the perfect font for Liza, the avian blogging powerhouse!

to see the font in use - and to read / see some fantastic blogs on all things Avian - check out

Thanks Liza!

Sunday, 12 April 2009

Feathers typeface by Gabi

Gabi has created a typeface based on feathers, you can download this for one week only from

If you want to create a typeface and join us in our year long quest, please send us an email

Sunday, 5 April 2009

new typefaceaweek - "Christopher smith"

A new typeface to kick off our "Claypots" work - due to the unending source of "things" from the steading (the previous owner left EVERYTHING) - we will be making a lot of work from the finds we uncover...
As a mark of respect, we thought it best to put up "young Christopher Smith's" handwriting - found and made from an old primary school jotter...

Phil had also showcased the "raw file" (scan of a page) at the OKN talk he did - so if anyone is watching that was there - here's the finished thing!

If you want to create a typeface and join us in our year long quest, please send us an email

Friday, 3 April 2009

Applestalk typeface on typefaceaweek

Gabi has created a delightfull new font - Applestalk - full of the juiciness and energy we all need just after to download for a limited time.

apples talk
apple stalk

Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Phil showcasing typefaceaweek at open knowledge networks

Phil will be doing a 15 minute presentation and practical example of how to make a typeface with photoshop & fontCreator at the fantastic open knowledge networks - at Peacock Visual Arts. I believe there is beer available too...

Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Gabi in the PnJ about COAST

Gabi has appeared in the Press and Journal in a story about her competition win for the Coast Festival May 22-25 you can find the article here :

"Inverurie-based Gabrielle Reith has been chosen to cloak a former glazier’s property at Banff for this year’s Coast Visual Arts festival in May.

Her work will cover three sides of the building at Bridge Road, near Banff Bridge, and will be unveiled for the festival from May 22-25."

Sunday, 22 March 2009

Small Stories / Birds in typefaceaweek

Gabi has created a new typeface for "typefaceaweek" based on 26 of her favourite bird drawings. You can download the working font from :

Monday, 2 March 2009

Gabi at the DCA

Gabi's "Small Stories" cards are now stocked in the DCA (Dundee Contemporary Art Centre) joining the list of places to purchase her cards - the Aberdeen Art gallery, Junction Art and Gifts, Johnny Come Lately, Platform 22, the Gordon Highlanders Museum, Larks Gallery & Oriel Art...

Gabi has been informed that the cards are selling well, and that more orders are coming in!

You can always purchase the cards directly from Gabi - send her an email at for more information.

Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Avian Constructs [in a human context] - March 20th 2009

Gabrielle Reith & Philip Thompson proudly present their first partnership exhibition.

“Avian Constructs (in a Human Context)” aims to explore the metaphorical and literal links human life has with the lives of birds.
Our observations and research over the past year have been deeply affected by our own circumstances and re-location after selling our house and moving into temporary accommodation.
The work showing at Limousine Bull will explore and question some of the issues we have encountered whilst trying to find a new home.
Three key themes we explore are : Relationship, Hoarding and Structure. Avian activity – nest building, communications and relationships have parallels with our own experiences and we have used these seemingly “common” activities and situations to express our own experiences.The show utilises natural and digital mediums to question many aspects of human and avian “similarities”.

to download the postcard & poster -click here (8Mbs)

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Phil in the Papers...
Not sure if that's a good or a bad's as usual, full of puns and my age...but, that's local newspapers for you.

Mr Thompson, of Selbie Drive, Inverurie, said: “I got the idea from watching a programme about fossils and I thought that it would be interesting to use slate for the pieces because it would look a bit like fossils.”

did I?... I thought I was more eloquent than that...

Saturday, 31 January 2009

Phil Thompson at Junction Art (feb 6th)

Philip is busy making lots of new slates for Junction Arts first show of 2009...the work will be based on famous musicians...with a twist.
The show previews on Friday 6th February from 6-8pm.
For more information about Junction Art (and how to get there!) - please visit

Sunday, 25 January 2009

Clouds typeface for Small Stories

G-R-A have made a new typeface for "" - the 2009 project for G-R-A to collaborate and share the exciting world of type and fonts with like minded people aroud the world.

The font is available for download for one week only, then it will only be available by subscribing to the free CD of all 52 Fonts which will be made in 2010.

Check out to see the font! enjoy!

Sunday, 18 January 2009

Rover 216 typeface up on typefaceaweek

Just to let you know that the latest typeface in our "typefaceaweek2009" project is ready for download (one week only). After the week - it will only be available at the end of the year as a Limited edition CDrom - if you'd like a copy of this CDrom, pelase email us and secure one! as there are only going to be 50 made.

Wednesday, 14 January 2009

La Fraise T-Shirt design Competition

Gabi has entered "Greenfinch" into the online t-shirt design compettion, run by La Fraise if she wins, she gets $1500 and 500 of the designs printed! - please create an account and vote form her!
Greenfinch ©2008 by Gabrielle Reith - La Fraise T Shirt competition
again, some lovely comments from the WWW community!
"very classy, i love the style and detail. looks great on the shoe the way you have it layed out."
J3Concepts (Crew) 14.01.2009 01:33

RYZ Sneaker design Competition

Gabi has entered "Greenfinch" into the onlinesneaker design compettion, run by RYZ if she wins, she gets $1500 and the shoes will be made! - please create an account and vote form her! This competition is in conjunction with the la Fraise one (above). If successful, we'll be aiming to enter more designs...

one of the lovely comments left by the staff of RYZ goes as follows:
"In an age where the environment is at the fore front of international news, what better than celebrating nature in fashion. A great, calming design."

Monday, 12 January 2009

Itchee Wasp - Whitespace group show at Musa

Both Gabrielle and Philip have works in the latest MUSA art exhibition featuring work from the tutors of Aberdeen City's Arts Development Team (Whitespace). The show runs from January 12th to the 7 th of March.

Click here for the P&J article

Sunday, 4 January 2009

Small Stories in the Shops!

Aberdeen Art Gallery, Junction Art and Gifts and Johnny Come Lately are now stocking Gabrielle's "Small Stories" cards. The 8 cards based on various birds and owls which can also be seen online in her Etsy shop.

Gabi has also contacted the Lighthouse in Glasgow, the DCA in Dundee and various other potential outlets, meetings are being set up as we type... look out for them!

Saturday, 3 January 2009

Gabi has an Etsy Shop!

Gabrielle has created an Etsy shop, so you can purchase some of her work online (finally?!) For starters, she has put her new card sets (birds and owls) and some Small Stories Jewellery in the online shop, more will be added soon!

Thursday, 1 January 2009

Typeface a week project for 2009

Gabrielle & Philip are embarking upon an ambitious project for 2009. We are going to create a typeface a week! During 2009 Gabi and Phil will be creating 52 usable typefaces, including fonts from selected guests. The "weekly font" will be downloadable for one week only, then, at the end of the year, a limited edition download / cd will be distributed to subscribers. If you wish to subscribe to our projects outcome, please email us.

New Studio!

Gabrielle and Philip have erected their new studio at our temporary residence in Inverurie..."Shed / Studio / Shed" is the name of our new 8*16' will follow...we hope this will provide us with a productive and comfortable studio space!

Happy New Year!

Gabrielle & Philip just want to wish everyone a happy new year, we hope that you have a fruitful and fun year. We will aim to update the site every month, and keep you informed of developments and news...