Friday, 1 May 2015

AFC / Dons Bairns new Stock

We've just delivered a fresh load of new stock to the AFC Shop featuring Dons Quines, Loons, Bairns, Mon the Dons & Bosies designs. They sell fast, so quick, go get em!


Thursday, 8 January 2015

Happy New Year / 2015

Hello Again! 
Once again, we're so busy, we've failed to keep up with posting news on this blog! We'll (once again) try to post more & often on here... looks like we've relied heavily on social media to "get the news out" - but this is a great repository for us... so, we should try harder!

So! First up is : Success!
Gabi will be working with Morag McGee on a public art commission for SMart consultants / RGU / ACC as part of a new visual arts festival called "look again". Gabi & Morag will be working with a group from Tory to create works of art to be added to the William Wallace Statue.

Philip has also been successful in gaining one of the commissions to enhance / augment an existing sculpture on the ACC "Sculpture Trail". More information to follow.

Philip was also successful in gaining a Cultural Grant from Aberdeen City Council to enhance his knowledge of Arduino & Microcontrollers. He is using the funding to get 1 to 1 training from Martin Evans. Philip has already had one session with Martin where he has learned how to solder, creating his first Ada Fruit Wav Shield.

Gabi & AFC
Gabi has been asked for a 3rd run of kidswear from her Small Stories moniker for Aberdeen Football Club. Currently in production, the apparel will be available soon, exclusively from the AFC Shop.