Wednesday, 30 September 2009

doves typeface for Jen Beattie (R.I.P)

It's been a sad week, after the wonderful NEOS event, we heard that artist, Jen Beattie, sadly passed away. We were invited by her very close friends (Susie Hunt and Lindsay Stewart) to paint Jen's coffin.

We arrived at Jen's on Sunday morning to see lots of Jen's friends and fellow artists painting the cardboard coffin in the studio, a rather sobering sight. A mixture of sadness, collective spirit and joy - we all worked together to create an amazing work of art for Jen.

Monday, 21 September 2009

Collaboration with Belinda Rose

Gabi and I visited Belinda Rose during NEOS2009 and she was asking artists (and the public) to contribute a drawing to her computerised tapestry... we've been sent the photos of "oor bits" - it's been a brilliant project - we've heard from many participants how excited they felt (we know we did too!)... if you want to see more of Belinda's work - check out her website.

NEOS has now ended for 2009

Well! thanks to everyone who came out to see Gabi and I during NEOS, it was an amazing week... we had over 1200 visitors over 10 days! A massive thanks to Anne & Sarah Thomas, Lynne Strachan, Magnhild Hague, Ane Smith, Elaine MacPherson, Alan Florence, Chris Forsey, Winifred Fergus, Jim Livingston and especially Susie Hunt for the wonderful hospitality and willingness to let us show at Mill farm.

We had a brilliant week with some amazing conversations - we're always astounded how many interesting people come out and really care about our creative community in the North East of Scotland.

Our thoughts go out to Jen Beatie who sadly could not be with us during NEOS due to illness...

Friday, 11 September 2009

NEOS starts today! (12/9/09)

Phil Thompson - SlateworksGabrielle Reith - Banff Building Wrap

We just wanted to invite you along to Susie Hunt's "Mill Farm", where we (Gabi and Phil) will be sharing with 10 other artists & makers for this Years NEOS event.

Gabi will be showcasing a lot of new drawings and illustrations, with a chance to snap up lots of new card designs and the cool Avian Alphabet tea towels.

Phil will be displaying some of his slate drawings as well as some of the computer based work he's been producing. (websites & experimental code).

Not only art but refreshments and banter to boot! for more info, please visit :

Friday, 4 September 2009

Small Stories in California...

Liza Lee Millar, bird blogger extraordinaire has been tweeting and blogging a few of Gabi's Small Stories news now and again... and as a thank you, we'd sent her a small "thank you" package of some cards and a tea towel...

she was over the moon to get the package the other day, which she immediately blogged, so if you want to see the lovely story, check out leave a comment's always nice to share.