Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Itchee Wasp & NEOS

Gabi & Phil will also be showing some 3d work as part of the "Itchee Wasp" collective's NEOS show at the Waldorf School, Aberdeen.

Artists exhibiting with Itchee wasp for NEOS are: Chris Bailey, Kelly Mcmeekin, Phil Thompson, Elspeth Winram, Margaret Stewart, Gabi Reith, Kelly-Anne Cairns, Linsay Macdonald, Nicole Gildea, Charlotte Campbell, Cowan Watson, Clifton Forest, Alison Watson, Lynne Strachan, Katarina Chomova, Naomi Leckie, Fergus Connor, Sophie Ormerod, Monica Wisniewski and Graeme Milne.

Click here for more info about NEOS

Gabi is also showing her full range of Small Stories work at Oriel Art, Skene for NEOS. Oriel Art will be open for the entire 3 week duration. (Sept 7th - 29th)

PlayPark / Oor Monsters game

Gabi & Phil have been asked to create an alternative version of the old carnival game "hook & hoop" for the SMart Consultant's "Play Park" event on September 28th & 29th in Rubislaw Terrace Gardens, Aberdeen .

Full details on facebook here :

Here's a quick peak at some of the monster heads (Oor Monsters) that'll be making up the game parts....