Friday, 31 July 2009

Gabi & Phil showing at BP with Smart Consultants

Gabrielle & Philip have been accepted as 2 of 15 local artists to showcase work at BP for a NEOS showcase exhibition, curated by based at the

The exhibition will be a private BP viewing, but we aim to have photos / images to share...opens Mid September 2009.

Networking nights with Creative Cultures...

Phil will be working with the Aberdeen Film Festival to brin a Film orientated networking night at Bar Five (Aberdeen, Union Street) 6-8pm. For more information , please visit :

He is also working with the Cultural Enterprise Office to bring a NEOS networking night Mill farm, Kemnay on Tuesday 4th August (6-8pm). for more information please visit:

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Phil - Animation Classes

Phil is running a week of animation classes for kids at the Aberdeen Arts Centre for their Summer Arts Festival... The classes have been booked up for a month now, but there will be more opportunities to participate in arts activities at the arts centre. Visit for more information.

Collage Classes

gabi is running a collage class at the Gordon Highlanders through Whitespace (Aberdeen City Arts Development). The classes were booked up ages ago - but we thought we'd better let people know!... Whitespace will be running future classes (in many mediums) so please check out if you want to explore the possible classes in the future...

Monday, 6 July 2009

new TFAW typeface up - 'blether' [#26]

based on speech bubbles and birds chattering...."Blether" is the 26th typeface to be uploaded to tthe typefaceaweek project Phil and I are running for 2009... go get it! (only available for one week!)