Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Avian Constructs [in a human context] - March 20th 2009

Gabrielle Reith & Philip Thompson proudly present their first partnership exhibition.

“Avian Constructs (in a Human Context)” aims to explore the metaphorical and literal links human life has with the lives of birds.
Our observations and research over the past year have been deeply affected by our own circumstances and re-location after selling our house and moving into temporary accommodation.
The work showing at Limousine Bull will explore and question some of the issues we have encountered whilst trying to find a new home.
Three key themes we explore are : Relationship, Hoarding and Structure. Avian activity – nest building, communications and relationships have parallels with our own experiences and we have used these seemingly “common” activities and situations to express our own experiences.The show utilises natural and digital mediums to question many aspects of human and avian “similarities”.

to download the postcard & poster -click here (8Mbs)

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Phil in the Papers...

Not sure if that's a good or a bad article...it's as usual, full of puns and my age...but, that's local newspapers for you.

Mr Thompson, of Selbie Drive, Inverurie, said: “I got the idea from watching a programme about fossils and I thought that it would be interesting to use slate for the pieces because it would look a bit like fossils.”

did I?... I thought I was more eloquent than that...