Sunday, 19 September 2010

Sunday 19th (NEOS day 9)

The End.

OK... I'll fill you in, before the last bit.

A slow start... drizzle (a theme). BANG. over 100 people today. Once again, happy NEOSers lapping up everything on display - "a Joy to go round", "just fantastic", "it's so lovely to see how many talented people there are in the north east of Scotland", "how long did it take you to do that?"... (ok, scrub the last one... he he).

What more can I say? - This post, is just a thanks to all the fantastic people in the Wyness Hall, not just the visitors, no, in fact, the members... John, Suzanne, Elaine, Lox, Monica, Renee and of course Gabi.... A big "get well soon" (from everyone) to Lynne, who sadly couldn't be with us during the week - missed you.

I've talked about the "finer points" of joining NEOS... some people just "get it", other, just "use it"... It'd be nice to see people in the creative community truly work together, letting the public see what a force" we are"... I've heard so many fantastic stories this year, form newbies, veterans... it's an absolute pleasure when you hear how people use NEOS for their own progression, a joy to see their benefits fruit. Keep up the good work all you hard working, creative and self sufficient people!

We ended up visiting Susie Hunt's studio for the sad "end of NEOS" bonfire... good spread, tired faces, but happy banter.

see you next year? of course!... remember... just keep checking the NEOS website for updates and news... email isn't the only way to know things are going on... ok?

cheers for the red Rod. Mucho Gusto!

Saturday, 18 September 2010

Saturday 18th (NEOS day 8)

Quick! get some coffee down your neck, lets get to the Wyness Hall... ground hogs day? That's a little unfair, as every day we've had a varied and different audience come and see our work at the Wyness Hall. We once again open the doors on a Saturday morning... with over 20 guests within the first 30 mins... slowly but surely building to well over 100 by the end of the day.

During a wee lull in the numbers, Gabi Poppy and I skedaddle off to see some other venues (we give ourselves 2 hours... a drop in the ocean, really)... we head of to Susie Hunt's place - fantastic, lots going on, Alan Florence, Anne Thomas, Sarah E Thomas, Magnhild Hauge, Ane Smith...(live sculpting, Painting, printmaking, photography, jewellery, ceramics, lace...and a whole lot of banter.)

We head off to the Bothy (Ruth Simpson) fantastic - a lot of lovely art (Stuart, amazing prints... but you really should join NEOS to get the full benefits of being in one of Scotland's best Artist, Maker and gallery Directories).. I think that goes for the other 9 or so people in the venue, under one entry (wink wink).

We end up at the Don View Studios, with Lorna Purvis...(oh, and a lot of other people that don't have a NEOS entry either, but benefit from hundreds of people coming to visit thanks to NEOS happening). I think you can see a trend here...

remember folks, NEOS isn't just for September, it's for the whole year round... Scotland's best Open Studios? Certainly the Largest, certainly a professional and well sought after directory... imagine if everyone participating had an entry? we'd be able to get 50,000 booklets printed...

just a thought.

We head back to Wyness Hall (where 8 out of 9 participants have a NEOS entry) and we'd missed the "rush"... gabi had some fans in.. and sold some works... doh! just like NEOS, you never know who's going to come and see your work, and... you're more likely to get people coming to see you, if you've got an entry in the catalogue.

just another thought....

Friday, 17 September 2010

Friday 17th (NEOS day 7)

Once again... miserable weather.. bah! Freezing too... what's that? Hoards of NEOS fans streaming in the door for the first hour or so?! (20 in 20 mins again!). It appears that there are a lot of groups of "NEOSphiles" - lots of happy faces, making trails, going out with friends, talking to artists, generally having a fine old time thanks to art and creativity on their doorsteps.

We only have slight problem today, a group of kids appear (no mum / dad to be seen), which we're promised "our mum's just coming"... 40 mins later... hmm.. someone thinks we're a free after school club. The brave Suzanne lets mum know it's a bit unfair, as well as worrying for us... it all got a bit tense... not sure how we can deal with this one if it happens again? Should we turn kids away? (Especially if the Mum's just done an A-Team stylee "open the doors, spill the kids out and off to freeeeedommmmmmmm!") Be warned NEOS peeps... don't be too kind and open when sharing your skills and materials! some people can take that offer a little too far...

Anyway, we end on a nice note, Aurelie popped in to see us all again, after the networking last night, and helps us write a very last minute press release...

We'd also heard from Dave Officer that he's got the BBC interested in NEOS... it's great to know that we've got that help - even care, from fellow participants... super helpful.

Thursday, 16 September 2010

Thursday 16th (NEOS day 6)

Doing a little Creative Cultures Scotland work, I don't quite make it out the house at the same time as Gabi and Poppy, but when I get to the Wyness hall at 12.20 or so, it's jumping! seems like we've had about 15-20 visitors in the first 20 minutes (again).

The weather's a bit on the cold side, sun peeking through some steely...and quite positively wintry clouds... but it's not keeping the NEOS peeps away! More people fascinated by art ... real fans of creativity - it's a pleasure to talk about your work to people that are generally interested in your approach to making artwork, confessing they have not artistic bone in their body (I doubt it).

Just before 6pm, we've had 71 people through the door today. Rud, Morag and Gabi sold work today, so that's a bonus! We'd also had a massive giggle at some internetz tingz... and morag's fantastic "50's stylee product modelling" for the worlds worst toilet paper. I've not cried whilst laughing in a while!

Apres 6pm, we had the Creative Cultures Scotland networking night, where Saskia Gibon & Aurelie Bureau were talking about funding (Aberdeenshire / City crafts and visual arts awards, and the service that CCS provide to help people find funds for "big projects" (over £10k)), gabi and Morag talk about NEOS, and their work in context to networking and cross pollinating practices... interesting stuff. I thoroughly enjoyed tonight, and I think everyone that came, certainly did - everyone seemed to get stuck into in-depth conversations, and met some new people, and hopefully started to think about applying for the grants on offer!... and perhaps putting the wheels for those big ideas we all have, into motion... we'll see!

Thanks for everyone that came, especially Heather, my boss, who's not feeling too well, but came to help as ever.

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Wednesday 15th (NEOS day 5)

I (Phil) looked after the Itchee Wasp show from 12 - 2 at the lemon tree today...................................................... so after that I ...oh, sorry, 2 people came in for a piss...... so after that I headed back to the bat-cave the wyness hall... Apparently, a bustling start to the day, poor Rud had to deal with 20 visitors all asking for tea and coffee, and wanting to buy stuff!... he he... Always dependable.

I got back at about 3pm, to a brisk trade! Several people in talking, pointing, eating, drawing... good signs. Suzanne, Rud, Morag, Gabi & Poppy and Elaine are all there. It's a lovely atmosphere, it's a pleasure to share a space with them all.

We've had some lovely comments again today, and gabi seemed to do pretty well sales wise today. At the end of the day, we had 70+ people through the doors. we're close to 500 so far... amazing. See you soon?

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Tuesday 14th (NEOS 4th day)

It's a lovely day today, should add to the enjoyment of one of the North East of Scotland's cultural events... the North East Open Studios!

We took a gamble today, when Poppy was at Nursery, gabi and I sweeechled off to venue 24 ( Beech tree Studio ) Some fantastic recent graduate print makers from Dundee, showing in a sweet wee bespoke out house... lovely prints, amazing bird woodcuts... fits that? oh, the dreaded "Phil will talk forever about culture in the North East syndrome?"... we leave at 11.10am... we need to pick up Poppy at 11.25. 15 mins? shuold be fine... if...only...we....don't....get....stuck....behind.... a pensioner driving at 40 MPH on the windy back roads. Oh... we did.

We get to the School at 11.30 and... as if by magic, the kids were 5 mins late getting out! yay! As mr Kinnock once said..."We'reallright! We'reallright!"... well, perhaps that's not the best comparison!

So, NEOS in Wyness Hall, tuesday... It's another steady day, (59 at the last count at 6pm). We've got all the kids, and what fun it is, it's a busy, loud and fun day, playing chase, making, drawing, playing... fantastic (well, that is, if you are not some grumpy sod*).

Not too many sales today, but, a lot of lovely compliments, and a lot of fun. Time flew.

* - yes, you two grumpy farts that ran out clutching your ears in a weird strop stylee humpf. You know who you are.

Here's a slice of the fun today... aye, I need a lie down.

Monday, 13 September 2010

monday 13th (NEOS day 3)

We'd opened at 12 noon today, it's a dreich and drizzly day... nae fine. But wait! pretty much as soon as we open the doors, we've got a steady trickle of people coming in, some sales here and there too! (We've even sold oor tea & cakes for a £1.50 donation!).

I (Phil) am also working from the Wyness Hall for my Creative Cultures Scotland work... I love wireless internet access and the ability to work from anywhere.

John Rutherford has done particularly well today, meeting a professional photographer full of praise for his work, even recommending he approach the Royal Institute of Photographers... very complimentary!

Gabi sold well today too, she's sold one of her favourites, a wooden carving of a fox. It's 17.49 at the time of writing, and we've had 61 visitors today, I think the most we had at one time was 12 people. Pretty amazing... oh, and the sun is coming out!

Sunday, 12 September 2010

NEOS day 2 (3.15pm)

slow start to NEOS's 1st sunday at Wyness Hall... a fine chance to sneak out and nab a bacon roll (om nom). Saying that, Gabi sold a few pics this morning... around about 2pm, things have been picking up! A lot of people stopping and talking, some interesting stories, and it's really heartening to see people feeling comfortable to speak to artists and makers... A lot of nice compliments about the booklet for me too.

Saturday, 11 September 2010

NEOS first day at Wyness Hall

After last night's lovely opening night for our NEOS event 2010, we scurry in to the Wyness Hall bang on 10am.. oops! (we needed to get the massive tea urn on!)

Pretty much straight away, we've got a few visitors trickling in... we've got a steady stream of couples up until about 11am - then we're hit with a crowd, and with kids too! "Fire up the Craft table! We've got Incoming!" Several cats, butterflies and backpacks later we have a lull. (time for a coffee and a cup cake (£1.50 donation, if you please, thank you very much).

The afternoon had a steady stream of people too (at the end of the day we'd had about 80 visitors all in)... but at about 3pm or so, nearly all visitors stopped coming... works out that someone had a bad crash, and the roads to Inverurie were chokka... the police even turning people away from Inverurie, apparently... (hope it's all OK!)

Needless to say, I had a chat with some old friends, and some new ones... it's what NEOS is all about for me. If you make art, and want to see what "the public" think - join NEOS, it's a blast, and bloody good value, getting in a world class booklet / directory...