Thursday, 25 February 2010

Save UTG... more!

This is cut and paste from Dave Officer's heartfelt email - but we share his sentiments 100% - so I don't think he'd mind the direct copy!

Ok after a week of fairly outrageous propaganda from the City Square camp and Aberdeen Journals, the petition to Save Union Terrace Gardens is still outperforming the rival City Square petition.

Please if you want some information on the current situation go to: and read Fraser Denholm from I Heart UTG's blog at:

Most importantly we need signatures, so please please please sign the petition:

If you haven't already taken part then please also take a moment to register your view on the city square consultation:

if you're against it then just scroll straight to the end and select 'no' as your answer where it asks if you support City Square.

If you could please forward this onto as many people as you can and try and persuade friends, family and co-workers to sign that would be amazing. The only way to get compromise is to persuade Sir Ian and ACSEF that his 'vision' of destroying the gardens forever is not what the people of Aberdeen want.

I'm really sorry to keep harping on about it, and I know people are getting fed up hearing about it but all we have is our ability to shout. ACSEF and City Square have millions and almost £300,000 of public money to spend on persuading people to say yes to it, plus the chairmen of some of the areas biggest companies putting pressure on their employees and business partners to support the square. There's more of us though and we can shout louder! This will decide the future of our city for generations and we need to have our voices heard. We can't be bullied into letting them create real estate on our last city centre green space.

We've been told City Square will bring jobs and prosperity but everytime we've asked one simple question, how? It's never been answered.

Thanks folks

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