Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Tuesday 14th (NEOS 4th day)

It's a lovely day today, should add to the enjoyment of one of the North East of Scotland's cultural events... the North East Open Studios!

We took a gamble today, when Poppy was at Nursery, gabi and I sweeechled off to venue 24 ( Beech tree Studio ) Some fantastic recent graduate print makers from Dundee, showing in a sweet wee bespoke out house... lovely prints, amazing bird woodcuts... fits that? oh, the dreaded "Phil will talk forever about culture in the North East syndrome?"... we leave at 11.10am... we need to pick up Poppy at 11.25. 15 mins? shuold be fine... if...only...we....don't....get....stuck....behind.... a pensioner driving at 40 MPH on the windy back roads. Oh... we did.

We get to the School at 11.30 and... as if by magic, the kids were 5 mins late getting out! yay! As mr Kinnock once said..."We'reallright! We'reallright!"... well, perhaps that's not the best comparison!

So, NEOS in Wyness Hall, tuesday... It's another steady day, (59 at the last count at 6pm). We've got all the kids, and what fun it is, it's a busy, loud and fun day, playing chase, making, drawing, playing... fantastic (well, that is, if you are not some grumpy sod*).

Not too many sales today, but, a lot of lovely compliments, and a lot of fun. Time flew.

* - yes, you two grumpy farts that ran out clutching your ears in a weird strop stylee humpf. You know who you are.

Here's a slice of the fun today... aye, I need a lie down.

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  1. The craft table is such a brilliant idea, must add a lot of fun to your day and encourage more families to turn up.