Sunday, 19 September 2010

Sunday 19th (NEOS day 9)

The End.

OK... I'll fill you in, before the last bit.

A slow start... drizzle (a theme). BANG. over 100 people today. Once again, happy NEOSers lapping up everything on display - "a Joy to go round", "just fantastic", "it's so lovely to see how many talented people there are in the north east of Scotland", "how long did it take you to do that?"... (ok, scrub the last one... he he).

What more can I say? - This post, is just a thanks to all the fantastic people in the Wyness Hall, not just the visitors, no, in fact, the members... John, Suzanne, Elaine, Lox, Monica, Renee and of course Gabi.... A big "get well soon" (from everyone) to Lynne, who sadly couldn't be with us during the week - missed you.

I've talked about the "finer points" of joining NEOS... some people just "get it", other, just "use it"... It'd be nice to see people in the creative community truly work together, letting the public see what a force" we are"... I've heard so many fantastic stories this year, form newbies, veterans... it's an absolute pleasure when you hear how people use NEOS for their own progression, a joy to see their benefits fruit. Keep up the good work all you hard working, creative and self sufficient people!

We ended up visiting Susie Hunt's studio for the sad "end of NEOS" bonfire... good spread, tired faces, but happy banter.

see you next year? of course!... remember... just keep checking the NEOS website for updates and news... email isn't the only way to know things are going on... ok?

cheers for the red Rod. Mucho Gusto!

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