Saturday, 18 September 2010

Saturday 18th (NEOS day 8)

Quick! get some coffee down your neck, lets get to the Wyness Hall... ground hogs day? That's a little unfair, as every day we've had a varied and different audience come and see our work at the Wyness Hall. We once again open the doors on a Saturday morning... with over 20 guests within the first 30 mins... slowly but surely building to well over 100 by the end of the day.

During a wee lull in the numbers, Gabi Poppy and I skedaddle off to see some other venues (we give ourselves 2 hours... a drop in the ocean, really)... we head of to Susie Hunt's place - fantastic, lots going on, Alan Florence, Anne Thomas, Sarah E Thomas, Magnhild Hauge, Ane Smith...(live sculpting, Painting, printmaking, photography, jewellery, ceramics, lace...and a whole lot of banter.)

We head off to the Bothy (Ruth Simpson) fantastic - a lot of lovely art (Stuart, amazing prints... but you really should join NEOS to get the full benefits of being in one of Scotland's best Artist, Maker and gallery Directories).. I think that goes for the other 9 or so people in the venue, under one entry (wink wink).

We end up at the Don View Studios, with Lorna Purvis...(oh, and a lot of other people that don't have a NEOS entry either, but benefit from hundreds of people coming to visit thanks to NEOS happening). I think you can see a trend here...

remember folks, NEOS isn't just for September, it's for the whole year round... Scotland's best Open Studios? Certainly the Largest, certainly a professional and well sought after directory... imagine if everyone participating had an entry? we'd be able to get 50,000 booklets printed...

just a thought.

We head back to Wyness Hall (where 8 out of 9 participants have a NEOS entry) and we'd missed the "rush"... gabi had some fans in.. and sold some works... doh! just like NEOS, you never know who's going to come and see your work, and... you're more likely to get people coming to see you, if you've got an entry in the catalogue.

just another thought....

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